Audiobooks I've Listened To - A Game of Thrones

As an audiobook narrator, it's very important to also listen to audiobooks. I've listened to quite a few, and thought that some of you out there might be interested in what I've listened to!

This time it's one that most will be familiar with, A Game of Thrones.

Back before the TV show I heard the A Song of Ice and Fire books lauded on a podcast I listen to, The D6 Generation.  It was based on that recommendation that I listened to A Game of Thrones.

The story sucked me in immediately, of course, and I was as shocked (and enthralled!) as many are at the convention-breaking nature of the plot.

But what really brought home the experience was Roy Dotrice's narration.  His work on these books is nothing short of masterful.  There are so many characters that need voices coming from many different geographical regions.  Dotrice manages to make the voices distinct, and even manage to give characters from different families or countries have similar accents.

These books are a joy to listen to and really opened my eyes as to how much a narrator can bring to a story.

I highly recommend giving these books a listen, particularly if you've only watched the TV series and haven't experienced the books.

Have you listened to the A Song of Ice and Fire audiobooks?  What audiobooks have you listened to recently?  Let me know!